Care Ministry Network’s online training platform is an easy-to-use tool for faith communities of any size. Our online platform:

  • Delivers high quality, standardized training to care ministry leaders and volunteers.
  • Includes access to basic training modules, a video toolbox, extended enrichment education offerings, and other resources.
  • Offers trainees flexibility with materials that can be accessed anytime and anywhere through desktop and mobile devices.
  • Allows congregations to customize their training curriculum with the ability to select materials applicable to their volunteer programs.
  • Provides assurance to older adults and their families that trained volunteers are assisting them on their journey.
  • Simplifies leadership transitions for care ministries by providing access to consistent training materials.
  • Creates a support system for care ministry volunteers and faith community staff, including Zoom meetings every other month with Care Ministry Network staff and members, with opportunities for networking and resource gathering.

Training Materials

Your Care Ministry Network membership will give you access to video trainings, as well as a host of other materials to get your ministry started, including how-to guides, templates, enrichment resources, and more.

Our training materials have been designed and vetted by experts in older adult ministry.  Training topics include:

  • Risk management
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Communication strategies for persons with memory loss
  • Volunteer driver training
  • And more!

Contact us to learn how Care Ministry Network can help your congregation provide the best possible support to older adults.